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ArchetypGangboss veteran
EthnicCaucasian, Male
Cyberwareright Cybereye(2)(LL, IR, VE1, SL), right Cyberarm(+3B +3S +3A +3AR Monofil-Saw), Wired Reflex 1, Plastic Bonelacing, Datajack, Nephric Screen 1
UsesInformation, Muscle, Connections
PlacesRusty Barrel/Rats Nest
FriendsNeil, who can be considered his Consigliere
ContactsScrappers, other gang-leaders and street-level contact as well as there are rumors of ties to the Irish Mob

Growler is a street veteran in his late fifties. He wears a rough armor jacket and proudly shows the gang colors of the Scrappers, gray and rusty red – he’s holding together the lot. From Irish origin his hard manners, but his fairness, too, are as well known as his pub The Rusty Barrel, where he serves moonshine, beer and the best coffee of the Barrens.

As fast with the shotgun under the bar as with good advice for his friends and comrades he is something like the heart of the Scrappers while Neil a long time ago has made himself the mind.

In an event long ago the right side of his face was heavily scarred, he also has a cyberarm on that side. Growler is getting old and isn’t too fond of going out into battle anymore. He’s giving his young soldiers the chance to do so instead and has already tried to pass on the leadership of the Nest to Neil, who had been resisting a long time already.


December 2070

Growler's liver finally surrenders to a life of alcohol and Neil implants a cyberorgan, much to the displeasure of Growler who takes every chance to complain that he cannot get drunk any longer.


Neil and Growler decide to train Gilettes, who is well-respected by the Scrappers, to eventually take over from Growler.

August 2071

With the help of Rusty, Growler tries to find the child he knows he has but who he has never met.

February 2073

Growler admits to Neil that he hasn't been feeling very well lately, but so far refuses any serious attempts to get him checked out at the clinic.


Growler used to be a hitman for the mafia.
Growler is banned from travelling to any of the Tir Nations due to acts of terrorism he committed.


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