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 +==== Here Be Dragons ====
 +===Fog'​s audios===
 +**22nd March 2071**
 +[Start Audio]
 +[no time stamp]
 +Sooooo, I got a few hours off and I’m high as a kite. \\
 +I had a long, very enlightening talk with [[Glitzy]], of whom I haven’t told you by the way, and learned to ward shit on the fly. Had an idea how it works…kinda sorta. \\
 +Pro: we have a barrier now, so good luck finding us, runner-mage-asshole. \\
 +Con: 400 bucks gone for [[deepweed]]. \\
 +There’s another friendly ghoul named [[John Doe|John]] here, as well as 25 merry scout girls along with us. \\
 +‘Here’ is an old place of [[Rook]] and mine, where we used to crash if things needed some cooldown. [[fertilizer_plant|Former chemical industry building]], think it was for herbicides and fertilizer…Heh,​ furrrrtalizer… \\
 +Ecos blew the place up, contaminating the earth for decades. \\
 +Great job, morons. Gaia will give you a huuuuge thumbs up for that. \\
 +For now, we’re safe and sound, though. \\
 +Time for a nap, I guess. \\
 +(roughly 6 hours of calm breathing and ambient noise) \\
 +‘[[Fog]], wake up!’ \\
 +Shwa? s’there trouble? \\
 +Ow! I’m already awake, dumbass! \\
 +Oh shit… \\
 +[End Audio]
 +[Start Audio]
 +[no time stamp]
 +That deepweed hangover is still riding me like a cheap whore, but I’ll get around. \\
 +Still pumped with adrenaline. \\
 +Well, what happened? \\
 +First, that mage almost found us. His or her spirit was already feeling up the area with some search power. \\
 +Turned out, though, there are some earth spirits living here. \\
 +Cute little buggers. My partner usually handles [[spirit]] matters, so I was a bit in open water here. \\
 +Worked out fine, anyway. \\
 +There was a [[Ytong|large-ass toxic]] that bothered our new..friends. Way past redemption and hungry for some stolen fate that thing was out for trouble. \\
 +Toxic spirits are tough stuff. I rarely back off, but since I have to fight beings of poisonous sludge with my bare hands…you get my gist. \\
 +This one was smart, too. Not one of the hatefully rampaging toxics, nope. Ytong, as the little ones called him, had retained that earthy stoicism and patience. \\
 +And he had a healthy respect for John, who was nice enough to join the fray after [[Zach]] called him. \\
 +One of the little spirits I personally sponsored some growth – shit, that felt weird – took care that Ytong didn’t just bail out on us by melting with the ground. \\
 +I…well, I soaked what that ugly sludge ball dished out and let John do the heavy lifting. \\
 +You never guess who stole our kill, though: \\
 +[[Ela|Fairyfay]]. \\
 +No kidding. If I didn’t know better, I’d say I was still high, but this is what happened. \\
 +She turned into a friggin feathered [[dragon|serpent-dragon-thingy]] and burned Ytong to a crisp. \\
 +Drake or not, killstealing is just bad etiquette. \\
 +But yeah…good to be rid of the toxic, anyway. \\
 +After this was out of the way, I patched up John, who took quite a beating for us. \\
 +Healing [[ghoul|those people]] always has a touch of Russian Roulette, but I could calm him down and get his cracked ribs and messed up leg fixed again. \\
 +We also chipped in some more good fortune for our new spirit allies, so they could conceal our rusted bus some more. \\
 +And – literally – thank all spirits, it worked. \\
 +We friggin got out of this alive. \\
 +Still need to figure out the implications of hanging out with a [[dragon|drake]]…but that’s something for later, I guess. \\
 +[End Audio]
 +-> [[Masterpost]]
 +{{tag> Fog'​s_Audio Adventure_Log Fog Ela Ytong John_Doe}}
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