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Hey Little Sister

Rusty's Vlog

6th June 2071

camera activates. Rusty‘s sitting on the floor on a mattress, surrounded by crumpled blankets and sleeping bags. He looks like he hasn’t slept for days. The regular beeping of hospital machinery is heard over his voice.

Brigit. She’s…gonna be an ork. She complained about cramps a couple of days ago and she had a fever and everything, it looked serious, so I called Diego to check on her. He took her to the clinic right away and they are doing everything they can to make it easy for her. If this is easy, though, then I don’t want to see hard. Unless they drug her, she’s screaming all the time and her muscles keep seizing up. Sometimes, I watch her and I can see the change as it happens. Neil and Diego say that she’s doing well. No serious problems.

I don’t care if she’s an ork or a troll or whatever, she’s my sister and I love her. But she’s taking it hard. She’s so scared and I can’t really help her. She’s afraid of what people are going to say and about what’s going to happen with her future. And I can’t say that everything will be okay and not lie. Because it won’t be and she knows it. But shit, it’s not like her life is over. It’s probably gonna take some time. I just wish I could do something except sit here.

Líng‘s been keeping us company. I guess we’re finally together now, took us long enough. Yeah, okay, took me long enough, her not so much. No idea what I’d do without her in this – she’s been through all that shit with her brother and Brigit can talk to her, about what’s it like, being an ork. When this is over, I really need to do something special for Ling, she deserves it.

Diego told me that it’s extremely rare for children of two humans to goblinize. His guess: my mother had an affair. That’s… I don’t even know. I should care, probably, but I don’t. No idea if I’m going to talk to Brigit about this. I am curious who it was, though. Who would be crazy enough to fuck with Angus’ wife. That’s suicidal, there’s no other word for it. Maybe one day I’ll ask.

camera deactivates


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