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 +====== Highland Ice Arena ======
 +Highland Ice Arena is [[Seattle]]’s only all year-round ice skating rink, located in [[Downtown]]. It offers public skating, ice hockey and courses in figure skating, as well as regular events and a shop for ice skating/​hockey equipment.
 +People you may find at Highland Ice Arena:
 +      * [[Anastasia]] Medwedew
 +[[https://​​maps/​d/​edit?​mid=1Kbewk7FLg_dFnPky2TeG4udlQe0&​msa=0&​ll=47.801298023423186%2C-122.33052099999998&​spn=1.520014%2C4.22699&​z=9|get directions to Highland Ice Arena]]
 +{{tag> Downtown_location sports_venue}}
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