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Holidays Are Nice

Fog's Audios

16th March 2071

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Roaming Seattle all your life comes with some benefits.
Like, for example, knowing where to crash when shit hits the fan.
Silverlake is a nice motel, next to, you’ve guessed it, a lake. A pretty cool place. Intact nature, good mojo and okay prices if you want to spend your vacation in a comfy near-forest cabin.
The place was run by an old lady. She was lookin’ for her son when we arrived, seemed a bit troubled about that.
We called the girls and Jet, who still recovered from his shotgun liaison, but was okay enough for transport and were told to stay the fuck away from the Nest and the clinic.
Oh, and that guy named Rusty joined us, raising our overall competence level by at least 100%. He had a job for us, had obviously made the mistake to underestimate our reputation and wanted in on the chocolate run in return.
How the hell do people keep knowing about this for fuck’s sake?!
Back to our holidays, though:
Ah, yeah…the great outdoors. A healthy forest, a lake with some fish to catch. This ain’t too bad.
Found out that Nebraska is pretty good at gutting the catch. When I asked if she’s a farmer’s girl, she gave me that ‘one more word and you’re next’-look.
Heh, more than meets the eye, most definitely.
We had some nice time to chill out, even Zach seemed less twitchy than usual.
And heeere comes the twist.
Since this is not a horror movie there was no point in not letting Zach take a walk round the lake with his new copter toy alone.
When he didn’t return or anything, we were a bit troubled. Even more so when the cops showed up, but those were here to help the landlady out.
So, we eventually found Zach, getting some horizontal action with Wily in the trees.
Things went south fast from here.
First, Nebraska was gone, then the cop’s partner.
Communications were jammed, but the cop fixed that after all huddled and he agreed to check on their onboard jammer in the cop-car.
The moment we were back online, Zach texted us with a supposedly desperate ‘HLEP!’
We hurried back to the woods, where he was running around, screaming and naked, waving a knife like crazy. Wily was frozen in a genuine what-the-fuck-shock, so I had to take Angry-Zach down hard.
He kept raving about a kid out to kill him and whatnot.
After he calmed down, we went back to the house, and we kinda found Nebraska.
She was out to train some archery. She was pretty decent.
Almost killed Zach with a stray shot.
When we couldn’t find that cop, well… at least the fire department was on its way, they’re quite good and finding and saving folks.
Better late than never, we made a background check on this place and it turned out it was haunted.
I don’t make this shit up, we are just cursed or something.
The manifested denial of the landlady fueled some rogue spirit who thought he was her son Jason and kept killing those that were to blame for his death some years ago.
Rescue Workers.
We tried to warn ‘em, but two of the divers were already in the water.
When we told the remaining guys how fubar this situation actually was, they instantly called in the big guns.
You know, I’m not afraid to take on a spirit.
But when the feds start showing up with a fully fledged and projecting mage with two spirits in tow, you better leave the scene.
We wished them good luck and were on our way…
I’d still give that place a good matrix rating.
The fish was awesome.

[End Audio]


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