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 +==== Holidays Are Nice ====
 +===Fog'​s Audios===
 +**16th March 2071**
 +[Start Audio]
 +[no time stamp]
 +Roaming [[Seattle]] all your life comes with some benefits. \\
 +Like, for example, knowing where to crash when shit hits the fan. \\
 +Silverlake is a nice motel, next to, you’ve guessed it, a lake. A pretty cool place. Intact nature, good mojo and okay prices if you want to spend your vacation in a comfy near-forest cabin. \\
 +The place was run by an old lady. She was lookin’ for her son when we arrived, seemed a bit troubled about that. \\
 +We called the girls and [[Jet]], who still recovered from his shotgun liaison, but was okay enough for transport and were told to stay the fuck away from the [[Nest]] and the [[clinic]]. \\
 +Oh, and that guy named [[Rusty]] joined us, raising our overall competence level by at least 100%. He had a job for us, had obviously made the mistake to underestimate our reputation and wanted in on the chocolate run in return. \\
 +How the hell do people keep knowing about this for fuck’s sake?! \\
 +Back to our holidays, though: \\
 +Ah, yeah…the great outdoors. A healthy forest, a lake with some fish to catch. This ain’t too bad. \\
 +Found out that [[Nebraska]] is pretty good at gutting the catch. When I asked if she’s a farmer’s girl, she gave me that ‘one more word and you’re next’-look. \\
 +Heh, more than meets the eye, most definitely. \\
 +We had some nice time to chill out, even [[Zach]] seemed less twitchy than usual. \\
 +And heeere comes the twist. \\
 +Since this is not a horror movie there was no point in not letting Zach take a walk round the lake with his new copter toy alone. \\
 +When he didn’t return or anything, we were a bit troubled. Even more so when the cops showed up, but those were here to help the landlady out. \\
 +So, we eventually found Zach, getting some horizontal action with [[Wily]] in the trees. \\
 +Things went south fast from here. \\
 +First, Nebraska was gone, then the cop’s partner. \\
 +Communications were jammed, but the cop fixed that after all huddled and he agreed to check on their onboard jammer in the cop-car. \\
 +The moment we were back online, Zach texted us with a supposedly desperate ‘HLEP!’ \\
 +We hurried back to the woods, where he was running around, screaming and naked, waving a knife like crazy.
 +Wily was frozen in a genuine what-the-fuck-shock,​ so I had to take Angry-Zach down hard. \\
 +He kept raving about a kid out to kill him and whatnot. \\
 +After he calmed down, we went back to the house, and we kinda found Nebraska. \\
 +She was out to train some archery. She was pretty decent. \\
 +Almost killed Zach with a stray shot. \\
 +When we couldn’t find that cop, well… at least the fire department was on its way, they’re quite good and finding and saving folks. \\
 +Better late than never, we made a background check on this place and it turned out it was haunted. \\
 +No! \\
 +I don’t make this shit up, we are just cursed or something. \\
 +The manifested denial of the landlady fueled some rogue [[spirit]] who thought he was her son Jason and kept killing those that were to blame for his death some years ago. \\
 +Rescue Workers. \\
 +We tried to warn ‘em, but two of the divers were already in the water. \\
 +When we told the remaining guys how fubar this situation actually was, they instantly called in the big guns. \\
 +You know, I’m not afraid to take on a spirit. \\
 +But when the feds start showing up with a fully fledged and projecting mage with two spirits in tow, you better leave the scene. \\
 +We wished them good luck and were on our way… \\
 +I’d still give that place a good matrix rating. \\
 +The fish was awesome. \\
 +[End Audio]
 +-> [[Masterpost]]
 +{{tag> Adventure_Log Fog's Audio Fog Rusty Nebraska Zach}}
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