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I Don't Like Mondays

Rusty's Vlog

17th March 2071

Camera activates to show a white human male, about twenty years old, leaning against a nondescript white wall. Close-cropped hair, a scar reaching from his right temple to his cheek, a distinct Irish accent. There’s some slight background noise of rain, truck and bike engines and the occasional shout or laugh.

So. Okay. I need to get some things in order and I think better out loud, so here we go. Um. I want to bring Brigit here to live with me. Things are pretty bad at home for her and I think I can do a better job of raising her. I live on a garbage dump, so that should tell you about my parents. They don’t hit her. Much. But they don’t care for her either. She’s lucky if they remember to buy food because clearly bringing home booze is much more important.

I took her to see the Nest for herself and that went pretty well. She says she wants to think about it. The only reason she’d say no is because she would have to leave her school…I can’t very well let her go there any more. But hey, it’s not like I have much of a plan anyway. I need some serious money to pull this off. And some idea how I can get my parents not to look for her very hard. I don’t think they will bother, but she can’t just walk out on them either.

So. Money. Neil offered me a run that pays, but I can’t do it alone. I decided to ask Zach and his guys if they want in. From what I’ve heard, they should be able to pull it off and I don’t want to bring Eric or the other Scrappers into this. Might not go so well for the Nest if I did, I’ve learned to keep the gang and runs apart.

Also, I kept hearing about people planning to break into a chocolate factory. That can mean serious money. Like, get out of the Nest money. And while I had no hard proof or anything, I was pointed in the direction of Fog. I’m not that good at beating around the bush so I told them I wanted in on the chocolate run. Their faces pretty much told me that I had come to the right people, even more than Zach’s question who had told me about it. I don’t know. We could get rich on this. And I’m going to try, definitely, but I’m not getting my hopes up. Less of a disappointment later, I guess.

the sound of claws clicking on metal and a brown and white AmStaff jumps up, obscuring the view

Hey, boy. Down! You can stay, but keep your head down, willya?

the dog lies down, although sometimes a paw comes into view when it stretches or rolls over

Okay. Chocolate Run. Brigit. Now the fun stuff…we almost got eaten by a fucking ghost. Zach, Fog and Nebraska need to lay low for a while after pissing off the Yakuza. Man, I really know how to chose friends. Between us, we have to avoid half of Seattle. But at least the mob’s not actively looking for me. Anyway. They had holed up in a small motel at Silver Lake, a cool place actually. And while we were talking and eating the fish Fog caught in the lake, a police cruiser pulled into the parking lot. The owner of the motel was missing her son Jason. But nothing to do with us and none of us were keen to talk to the police.

Zach went outside to try and find the kid with his quadcopter. He didn’t come back for a while and we went to look for him. We found the copter and some tracks leading further into the woods. The tracks just ended at some random point where we also found Zach’s jacket. I think we all looked up at the same time only to see Zach’s naked ass swinging in the breeze, trying to climb out of view. So much for rescue mission. More like cockblocked. We left him and Wily to finish and went back to the motel.

The police officer came just back with the mother and asked us if we had seen his partner. Nope. Did anyone else have problems with their commlinks? Yep. He tried switching off the jammer in the cruiser and we all had signal again. And good thing we did because we got a message from Zach: ‘HLEP!!!’ Stanley, Fog and me ran back to them and found Zach, still naked, waving a knife and shouting about how the kid had tried to kill him. Wily had no idea what was going on. Fog tackled Zach and he had just calmed down a bit when something dropped down on Stanley.

Who nailed it right between the eyes with a narcoject needle. Congrats, that is a t-shirt that will never attack anyone again. At least Zach and Wily had their clothes and we could go back to the motel. Where Zach was almost shot by Nebraska who had decided to use the time to practice archery at the small range…with the target towards the door of the cabin. Seriously, Nebraska is more than a couple of sandwiches short of a picknick. I’m not going to turn my back on her, I know that much.

Anyway, we took the owner with us to the cabin, the second cop was gone too, but at least a couple of divers arrived, alerted by the cops, to trawl the lake for the kid. I can’t remember who had the bright idea of checking the history of the place, but turns out the kid has been dead for ages. His mother just didn’t accept his death, she kept him alive and a spirit of some kind fed on that. We called back the divers, but one of them went overboard and didn’t come up again. The others called in a mage and that’s when we packed up our stuff and left. In a hurry. I’ve seen enough of pissed off ghosts that one time, I don’t need to see more. I did call Unwired, they’re always interested in the freaky stories. And who knows when they’ll come in handy.

camera deactivates


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