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 +==== I'm Doing my Part ====
 +===Fog'​s Audios===
 +**24th June 2071**
 +[Start Audio]
 +[no time stamp]
 +I thought a little scouting could clear my head. \\
 +Between the bickering, never ending problems and stuff that lies ahead must be some space for metaphorical fresh air right? \\
 +I took the deer on fire crossing the road right in front of my Growler as a clear “No”. \\
 +Things happened kinda quick from that point, but I remember the attempt to get the hell away from that area and went out of the frying pan straight into the nuclear reactor. \\
 +A squatter village. \\
 +There was fire and screaming and dying people and some Drekheads in military grade armor, assault rifles, grenades and even flamethrowers. \\
 +Flamethrowers for fuck’s sake! \\
 +My brain-department for rationalization frantically tried to make sense of this in the precious seconds I had to decide what the hell to do. \\
 +[[Chicago]],​ so, maybe insect spirit busters? They yelled something about bugs, but there weren’t any, just some poor sods trying to escape the slaughter… \\
 +I’ve never been in a warzone. Not in the strictest sense at least, you know? \\
 +But this must be what it feels like. \\
 +I could’ve just turned my back on that. Wasn’t my war after all, didn’t know the people who got hurt or killed.
 +Sometimes it’s just better to run. \\
 +Doesn’t mean you have to run alone, though. \\
 +There was a woman and two kids, breaking away from a burning shack. Would be a tough ride, but I could get to them in time. \\
 +So I did. \\
 +Got’em on my bike, Drekheads still shooting at me. To make things more personal, they hit my bike, but we made it to the woods with one wrecked tire. \\
 +And we lost her little boy. \\
 +Shit that was tough. \\
 +Saw his mother scream and beg and how one of the gunners tried to strap a grenade to him, some other guy shot him in the back first, however… \\
 +Takes a lot t make me snap. \\
 +I’m neither a hero, nor a slayer, I’d rather fix things than wreck…a fuck it, you know that by now. \\
 +You also know I tend to pick my fights carefully. \\
 +Sometimes it’s just better to run. \\
 +And sometimes you just have to snap some necks. \\
 +I told her to take my bike, gave her something to focus on the get out of this alive and while she rode off, I took advantage of nightfall and the nearby forest. \\
 +Being tough doesn’t mean you can take on guys in MilSpec gear on your own. \\
 +I was lucky and caught one of’em alone, beat him almost senseless and tried to figure out what exactly was wrong with these assholes. \\
 +Turned out they were here for some kind of game… Starship Troopers reenactment or LARP or something. \\
 +Didn’t exactly calm me down. \\
 +They were doing this for fun sponsored by Ares? \\
 +What the fuck? \\
 +It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye, right? \\
 +So let’s poke out a few eyes… \\
 +Everything’s a bit hazy when it comes to that night, but I absolutely went Predator on their sorry asses. \\
 +They wanted war, they wanted action and what they got is getting straight up murdered. \\
 +Beat the life out of three more people that night and left one girl barely alive. \\
 +I wonder what threads I cut, what lives I ruined and I barely consider this justice. \\
 +But they messed with the wrong guy at the wrong time. \\
 +It’s what people like Fedderson, [[Steckler]] and those Drekheads at some point forgot to understand: There are consequences. \\
 +The world is not there for your personal amusement. At some point, there’s a guy like me who won’t take that shit any longer. \\
 +And then there’ll be blood. \\
 +Yeah…Yeah,​ I get the irony. I’d be a moron not to expect a backlash for what I’ve done, some kind of consequence ‘cause there’s a suit, a mom or a dad who want revenge. \\
 +I don’t regret this. \\
 +Should that scare me? \\
 +Prob’ly. \\
 +[End Audio]
 +-> [[Masterpost]]
 +{{tag> Adventure_Log Fog's Audios Fog}}
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