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 +==== Ilusions ====
 +===Rook'​s Log===
 +**15th July 2071**
 +I dreamt about [[Fog]]. The dream felt so real that, waking up, I was for a moment confused why he wasn’t here. I cannot shake him, however much I want to.
 +I had almost managed to forget him because hoping that he’d come for me was poison. Then he pops up a couple of weeks ago and leaves me with his voice, telling me that he’s got me. That he won’t leave me behind.
 +Well.\\ ​
 +I’m still here.
 +I’m not falling for this partner-bullshit anymore. I don’t know why I ever believed it. It’s a comfortable lie, I guess. But when it really counts, I’m on my own. Fog just hasn’t figured it out yet, but he will, sooner or later. He’s always been good at surviving and relying on others is not how you do it. I know that now.
 +{{tag> Adventure_Log Rook'​s_Log Rook Fog}}
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