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 +==== Kabuki Ronin ====
 +The Kabuki Ronin are a [[Seattle]] thrill [[gangs|gang]] who ravage town on battle-bikes,​ wearing what they think is ancient Japanese samurai armor and traditional Japanese weapons – or what they think is cool enough and fits in the mix: katanas, spiked maces, chains and everything else that promises to be fun while bashing heads. Even the Yakuza hesitates before they hire them, but they are good for a distraction or for making a messy statement without the Yakuza'​s name attached to it. 
 +Their main turf are the [[Everett]] docks. They don't have colors per se, but are easily recognisable by wearing Kabuki makeup (or their version of it) and shaving their heads except for a ponytail. A coiple of members actually are Japanese, but most are not.
 +-> [[Gangs]]
 +{{tag> Kabuki_Ronin gang Seattle_gang thrill_gang Seattle_thrill_gang}}
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