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QualitiesWeapon- and Motorcycle-freak(mild Addiction)
CyberwareWired Reflexes 1, Muscle Replacement 1, Cybereyes(2) /w SL LL, FC, VM), Datajack, right Cyberhand /w Str+Ag 3 Enhancement
AttributesB4 A4(5) R4(5) S4(5) C3 I3 L3 W4 Edg2 Ess1,92 Init 8 IP2
Skills Armorer 4, Automotive Mechanics 3, Automatics 4, Pistols 3, Unarmed Combat 4, Intimidation 4, Survival 5, Pilot Groundcraft(Bikes) 2, Negotiation(Bargaining) 3
LanguagesEnglish N, Spanish 3, Russian 2, Cantonese(City) 1
KnowledgeTrideo Pirates 4, Current Events 3
InterestsAction Sims 2, SOTA Firearms 4, Hot Bikes 3
GearIngram Warrior 10 (with root wood grips), HK MP5K, AK-97 Carbine, Ares Viper Slivergun, Ares Predator Prototyp 4 “Annie Ballistic”, Survival Knife, Survival Kit, Tag Eraser, Lined Coat 6/4 (black), Black Sunglasses(3)(VE1 LL IL), Sony Emperor (3/3/2/3) /w Sim-Module, Suzuki Mirage, Yamaha Growler

Kerry is a member of the Scrappers and works as a mechanic at Monkeywrench's workshop. She is Blaster's girlfriend.

While she looks like a grease monkey in her blue overall during work hours, she changes the second she drops the tools and dresses ti impress, in a black leather catsuit, black sunglasses and black leather boots.

She doesn't drive a crossbike but prefers the Suzuki Mirage racing machine and has an ongoing relationship with Blaster, a ganger from the 405 Hellhounds. Nobody asks questions about it but she is without any doubt the best equipped person in the Nest.

Not just her clothings and her bike but also her automatic weapon, an AK carbine, and everything about her screams that she doesn't come from the streets but that she is an ex-runner or something else. Someone who doesn't belong to the Nest. But maybe she is just born with style and is fucking with the prejudice that a mechanic is boring.

Kerry lost her right hand when the Kabuki Ronin took revenge on the Scrappers for stealing their bike. She has since replaced it with a cyberhand that actually gives her greater strength and dexterity than she had before.

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