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Kindred Souls

Fog's Audios

27th July 2071

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Clear Skies.
A short burst of silent, content laughter
Wonder if she knew about that, or if it’s just one more proof we did the right thing.
It’s a little credo among us zoners, or a greeting if you will. Something like ‘Good luck’, ‘Stay safe’, or ‘Farewell’ up to ‘There’ll be better days.’…
A sigh
There was this idea. Clinged really hard to my brain, wouldn’t let go.
And we pulled it off.
With the bliss of this experience still lingering, it’s difficult to explain.
But I’ll try.
It’s something nobody tried before us. A miracle of will and arcane expertise you rarely find in the Sixth World.
Chris Gregory, you probably know that, but I don’t think you know just how thankful I am.
Despite all documentation and 60 years of research, few people know how adept magic works. We’re not casters in the strictest sense, but we have a way to find balance. Balance between our bodies and the mana around us. We’re conduits, or, at least that’s the best I can come up with. We have a way of attuning to the world and its flow. There’re techniques ‘specially for that.
Really usually for things dear to us, sometimes animals, companions like Sofia.
But that’s the thing. If it works with guns n’ suits n’ pets… Shouldn’t it be possible to attune to people as well?
It’s a path you gotta tread carefully. Our minds are delicate and easy to fuck up and being so close to somebody has some inherent and pretty sinister temptations.
But still, we did it.
She drives me crazy, ya know, this special girl.
In more than one way.
I think the roadtrip did that to us.
Before that, well… I knew I could count on her, but I think that of all my people when push comes to shove. With her, it was more like handling nitro glycerine in a blender or a jazzed up weasel in a room full of mouse traps… To be honest, that’s still the case.
But during those days on the road, I got to know her better, learned what drives her, what scares her and what she needs to get a direction.
I know her struggle, or at least part of it.
Kara and I, we ride the same wave, I guess.
If the timing had been better… Now that’s something I actively blocked from my head for a long time, we probably both had.
Running with her feels good, natural. And she’s a pretty, strong girl, so… But…
For the sake of our relationships, we came to terms with that road and we won’t walk it.
We chose something different and now we’re probably closer than ever and closer than anybody but us could understand.
And now, when she sprints face first into danger with me, we can share our thoughts, she’s got my powers to back her up and maybe it helps her find a direction and clearer purpose.
What I’m trying to say here is,to paraphrase the uncrowned Queen of Words of our beloved Barrens:
I’m proud to call you ‘Partner’, Kara.

[End Audio]


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