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Knight Errant

Knight Errant Security Services is THE hired police force for Seattle. Though private, they have offical police rights on all grounds in Seattle that are not extraterritorial. They are known for their good equipment, both technical and armament, and their equally good military training. They gradually took over a few years ago from Lone Star. They have tens of thousands of officers in Seattle alone, along with drones, armored vehicles, helicopters and heavy weapons, if needed. And if that's not enough, they can call in the Metroplex Guard and the UCAS military’s Joint Task Force Seattle’.

Of course, the security has focal points. Where there is money, there is more security. Sometimes a lot more. There are even districts in Seattle where no officer has been ever seen. The big difference to Lonestar (a lot of the cops have been inherited from Lone Star) is the promise from Knight Errant to make Seattle save again. Over the last year, a lot of effort has been put into that goal. Gangs face constant surveillance and the threat of spontaneous inspections; riots and riotous assemblys will be dealt with swiftly and hard.

Knight Errant was recently involved in the “big Redmond riot of ’71” with estimated 10 dead, and more officers have died facing gang-related crime.


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