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 +==== Lakeview Academy ====
 +[[https://​​photos/​tigerzombie/​8388741134|{{ :​wiki:​metainfo:​seattle_location:​lakeview.jpg?​300|}}]]
 +Lakeview Academy is a prestigious high school (grades 5-12) in [[Snohomish]]. It has much better funding than the high schools run by the city and prides itself on the number of students who will go on to be Ivy League material.
 +Students of Lakeview:
 +  *     ​[[Anastasia]] Medwedew
 +  *     ​[[Fynn]]
 +  *     ​[[Tegan]]
 +[[http://​​maps/​bD4eM|get directions to Lakeview Academy]]
 +{{tag> Lakeview_Academy school Snohomish Snohomish_location}}
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