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 +====== Lakeview Inn ======
 +[[http://​​wiki/​File:​Greyowls_cabin_ajawaan_lake.jpg|{{ ::​15276755925_8ca0667bfc_b.jpg?​400|}}]]
 +The Lakeview Inn is a small motel with several rustic cabins on the shore of Silver Lake in [[Everett]]. It offers peace and quiet in the middle of [[Seattle]] and opportunities for fishing, swimming, hiking and archery.
 +**March 2071**
 +A [[spirit]], taking the form of the long-dead child of the owner, [[holidays are nice|attacked several police officers]].
 +[[https://​​maps/​d/​edit?​mid=17rQFx2SNb4ZPzDnuJ3gpC4BmVBU&​msa=0&​iwloc=0004d08ed68e22001fdb6&​ll=47.92211755942692%2C-122.23558049999997&​z=11|get directions to the Lakeview Inn]]
 +{{tag> Everett_location hotel}}
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