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 +==== Lao Jia ====
 +===Neil'​s Journal===
 +**30th April 2071**
 +It seems that the [[Nest]] has acquired its own rat [[spirit]]. Now that would be something for the media, especially in her, hm, solid form. I’m still not sure how I feel about it and neither is anyone else, including the spirit I think. But [[Lao]], as she calls herself, is here to stay. We not really up to fighting her and in any case I had fought enough that day. I always prefer to arrange myself with people if it can be done at all – in the long run, it usually turns out better for everyone. And I do hope it will work out here as well because if Lao decides that she wants to mess with us, things will get ugly for us.
 +I don’t think she expected us to let her stay without a fight and I get the feeling that I confuse her. She probably thought that we would try to trap her or attack after all. [[Glitzy|Ruby]],​ who showed her distrust openly, was much more what Lao expected. In any case, we talked and finally agreed that she would stay, keeping [[Gen Wong]]’s home for herself and making the area inside the leylines he manipulated her domain. She is not going to try and harm us and we return the favor. The rats in her domain are not to be harmed either or at least not treated cruelly. She says that she can probably keep them from scavenging inside the containers and in return, we are going to give them something to eat, about as much or maybe even less than the rats would eat and spoil anyway.
 +She also gave us everything Gen Wong owned. We destroyed most of it, none of it would be useful for us and much was actually harmful. Lao did ask a price: karma. I was prepared to give her that anyway, the [[tree spirit]] taught me how valuable it is for them, so that didn’t exactly come as a surprise. But I think it would probably freaked her out if I had offered it just like that, with hindsight I’m glad that she asked for it.
 +We met yesterday at the [[rusty_barrel|Barrel]] to hash out the details of the agreement. And she offered to give some help with our [[Tempo]] problem – she confirmed that a powerful spirit was piggybacking on the addicts and she might be able to tell whom that spirit will possess next. We might be able to do something about that, but that will need some more thought. If she can really do that, I’m already glad she’s around.
 +I’m curious how well she will deal with our world. She took to eating and drinking quickly and I have my doubts that her opinion that she doesn’t need anything but karma from us will survive introduction to more food. To be perfectly honest, I offered her something to drink on purpose because I think if she grows to be more part of our world, living together will be easier, at least a bit. And how often do I have the chance to see someone eat chocolate for the first time in their life? I couldn’t have let that opportunity pass even if I had wanted to.
 +-> [[Masterpost]]
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