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Let Your Hair Down

===View From a Scrying Glass}}}

15th July 2071

In the dark, lit only by one torch, the group trudges up the stairs. It seems to take ages, far longer than it should. The edges of the stairs have a slight blue glow, but it disappears above and below in the gloom. Finally, they arrive at the top and open the trap door to the room above.

It’s moonlit, with polished wooden floors, a chair, a table, a rocking chair and a huge wardrobe, decorated with flowers and patterns that may or may not make up a face. Inside the wardrobe, there are only brown fur coats. There is no trace of Zach, but they do find a painting of him on the wall. It looks content at first, but starts to look frightened while they watch. Fog takes it from the wall and Jet sets it on fire with his dragon. When the fireball is gone, so is the picture, but they have Zach back. After a while, he even stops screaming. He tells them that he almost got killed by a Yurei, something he’s been afraid of as a child.

The group is a bit at a loss what to do. They want to help Rapunzel, but what if this isn’t Rapunzel? Or if Rapunzel has lost her mind after being imprisoned for who knows how long? In the end, they make a peace offering: the beautiful dress Nebraska got from her hazelnut. Nebraska holds it out to the wardrobe. Nothing happens. She says that she’s going to go in, but nobody pays attention because the group is bickering again. That only stops when the wardrobe’s door close with an audible click behind her. The walls grow another painting.

After another fireball, Nebraska is back and tells a story of a gingerbread house and a witch who did not take kindly to her roof being eaten. By now, helping Rapunzel is off the table. The plan is to drag her out of the wardrobe by her hair or chop the hair off until nothing is left. The floor starts to get squishy, the walls soft like taffy. The window gets smaller and smaller and it’s getting dark, the torch has burned out. Zach pulls a working electric floor lamp from his bag, the cord trailing into the bag.

The hair tries to grab Fog and he grabs it right back, with the help of Jet and Nebraska. They pull and by now, the trap door is getting smaller and smaller. Panic sets in and everyone but Fog abandons ship. Fog doesn’t let go in time and gets pulled into the wardrobe. Zach notices that Fog’s missing and the group comes back, does the painting trick again and while Zach is forcing open the trapdoor, they hack apart the wardrobe.

When it’s only splinters and pieces, the room goes back to normal and stays that way. After nothing attacks them, the group decides to spent the night. In the morning, they set out again. The trees start to look familiar after a a while and they notice that they’re going in circles. The mirror isn’t much help, so when they hear voices, they walk towards them.

They meet three pigs, standing in front of a brick house badly in need of repair. The pigs say that they would be willing to give them a map, but only when the group goes and gets them mortar from the witch. They need to repair their house before the wolfs comes by again and hope that magical mortar will do the trick. When Fog asks why the wolf is so eager to destroy their house, the pigs get defensive.

Finally, the group agrees, but once they are out of earshot, they decide to ask the wolf for his opinion. The mirror cannot tell them where the wolf lives, but suggests building a straw house. Zach’s bag supplies them with tools and a haystack and after a while, they have constructed a ramshackle straw house and settle down to wait.


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