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Letter From Boston

Letters From Firefox

2nd June 2071


it seems a bit weird to do this: writing a letter by hand on paper that you will only be able to touch once you have left your body behind. It’s very limiting to do this, I could just filter my stream and send it to you. On the other hand, there is some attraction in finding words for my feelings and experiences and the act of writing it all down is calming. I find it takes a lot of attention to do this.

I travelled on Ruby‘s deck, but of course I didn’t stay there. I spent most of the flight in the plane’s system, it was quite exhilarating to share its data, especially when the winds over the Cascades threw us around a bit. I think Jet found it a bit too much or maybe it was just the hangover. Everyone looked a bit tired.

Boston, at least the inner city, is so tiny compared to Seattle. Even the Matrix – of course there’s a lot of traffic from the financial district, but it has a leisurely feeling to it. Havard, MIT and the Draco Foundation light up like bonfires in the middle of it. We were brought to a house outside Boston, I think it’s very old, at least as people from the UCAS see old. Although, considering your heritage, you might disagree.

With 24 hours of free time, we did a quick tour of the city and Zoé wanted to visit the New England Aquarium. Did you ever see the selkies they have there? They are sentient beings and the aquarium displays them like they are fish. I’m not even sure how I feel about displaying any animals for your own amusement, but the selkies shouldn’t be in such a place. Fog and Zoé agree and I think they are hatching a plan to free the selkies.

But first the negotations. Things could have gone better, but considering that they lied to Mr Stone who was not at all amused about this, it could have gone worse. They ended up with a million and the chance to work for Stone again. After a closer look at the man, that could be worth more than the million. But they have to get the chocolate to Boston before they see the money.

Ruby spent the day away from the group and asked me for privacy, so I can’t say what she did. I did some sightseeing in the Boston grid by myself and I looked up the house, like you asked me to. It’s still there and it looks like you described. It would seem your mother does still live there, although I could have found that out easier. But we already talked about this.

I will see you when I get back. Well, back…I amuse myself by pretending that I cannot leave Boston until the others are leaving, too.



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