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Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

Sam's Diary

21st December 2071

After a shorter-than-intended downtime, we decided to crash the rich kid's party and get a first hand look into his mother’s will. Because legal stuff. We used the freed sprites as intended and got some real crispy details out of the Federal Department of Justice's databases, so if there was a juridical option to get Fuller by the balls and make him pay for the accident he committed and weaseled his way out of, why not?

Talking about accidents: My team decided to have some figurative car crashes themselves before we even reached the estate. Zach randomly executed his emo.exe or whatever, refused to talk about anything and spent what must have been half of his paycheck on whisky and meat. At least he shared, but man, that kid got issues. Maybe I'll try and talk about some of 'em with him once we're done here. I mean, he's a good guy and I really started to like this geek lately, but this is not the graveyard shift at your Stuffer's Check, we're on a real run for once! Gotta rely on each other and stuff, you know?

Which brings me to the second train wreck of the week: Nebraska. It's Zach’s run alright, and he picks the team, but after what I've personally seen of her as a hacker and / or / nor rigger, I seriously have my doubts. It's not even about her.. “set of skills” in the first place, but more about her eagerness to brute-force her head through the wall and directly into any trouble possible. Like getting arrested by Child Protective Services in a barber shop. I'm not kidding you, this is what happened. Don't know why, don't know how, but we - as a team -decided that we would definitely not risk the run for this bullshit of hers. So yeah, team minus one I guess. She can get her share of the paycheck for all I care as long as I won't have to work with her again if lives depend on it.

Needed to get this off my systems. Breathe in, breathe out.

Sooooo, the rest of us got into our Sunday bests and we were off to the rich kid's house party. The bouncer magically decided to look the other way and just like that, we were part of the high society extravaganza. The surveillance was a joke and not even the safe provided a challenge since we got tipped off about the combination. Easy peasy for a change! We got a copy of Mrs. Fuller's will and - as any professional would have done - decided to stay a while and get totally shitfaced on drinks that cost more than our combined gear. I owed Adjasou a party anyways.

When in Rome, overdo as the Romans. Slicer invited his wife (who seems to be hands down formally insane and hilarious at it) and after driving a car into the kid's pool and ducttaping the bouncers to the ceiling, things got sexy. It was awesome.

Back to business. Maybe I only understood half of the legal terms correctly, but I think we could have taken that overly selfconfident dipshit Fuller down and freeze his money or whatever you want to call it with what we got. But remember, Zach is in the driver's seat here and for whatever reason, we ended up arguing with our Johnsons about our modus operandi and changed plans to simply blackmailing Fuller instead of crapping all over his yard. Fine by me. Why did we get ourselves on his party then again? Nevermind, the evening was its own reward.

Long story short: Zach made a friend, then kinda morally backstabbed him and used him to get an audience with Prince Fuller in person, where we declared our agenda and surprisingly hit a soft spot. Fuller, as cocky as he acted before, decided to pay the full treatment costs and then some for our employers. Just like that. Why the fuck did we break into a military base AND the Department of Justice again?!? I don't even… Argh. Whatever. Another job well done, I guess. Team disbanded, looking forward to working with you again.

Oh, wait, there's one thing I still can't get my head around. Every one of us received about ten times his initially agreed payment. I don't think it was a typo, but neither do I know where on earth this money comes from. After all, this whole run was more or less a friendly turn for Zach's kinda-sorta-girlfriend or whatever she is now and her totally broke parents. Nice girl by the way. Speaking of Zach, he got us all worked up immediately after we received our payments and told us to “disappear” for a while, like something really bad happened, only to inform us that the coast was clear again about ten minutes later. Since then, he didn't return any calls. There's definitely something fishy about this whole deal, but I think I'll give him the time he needs before asking what's up. Got a bad feeling about this…


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