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Líng Bái

QualitiesMartial Arts(Boxing), Guts (5), Illiterate (-10), Compulsive(kleptomania) (-10), Uncouth (-20) Enemy(Liana's Gang), Phobia(Thunder-Storms)
AttributesBod:4 Agi:5 Rea:3 Str:5 Cha:4 Int:4 Log:4 Wil:2 Edge:4
SkillsEtiquette(Street) 2, Con(Seduction) 2, Intimidation(Physical) 1, Hardware(Maglocks) 2, Exotic Melee Weapon(Chains) 1, Archery(Crossbow) 1, Infiltration 4, Palming 4, Athletics 3, Locksmith 5, Survival(Urban) 1, Industrial Mechanics 2, Automotive Mechanics 2, Pilot Groundcraft 1, Artisan(Photography) 2, Unarmed Combat(Boxing) 3, Perception 2
Street KnowledgeOrk Civil Rights 2, Boxing Fights 3
InterestsPhotography 3, Comics 2
LanguagesEnglish N, Cantonese(Cityspeak) 2
GearMaglock Passkey 2, Lockpicks, Chain (+1P), Armor Jacket 8/6, Medium Crossbow /w 20 Bolts, Commlink Novatech Airwave /w Iris Orb, Microtronics Toolkit

Líng Bái was the prospect and box-student of Rivet until his own fight and brain injury. Her dayjob is that she finds cars and bikes outside the Rat's Nest. This alone can’t explain the expensive gear she achieved during her time as a prospect.

December 2070

Rusty accepted her as his prospect, leading to some (more) friction with Liana and her friends.

January 2071

After he found out that Líng is pretty much illiterate, Rusty has started to teach her how to read.

June 2071

Rusty and Líng get together and she moves in with him.

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