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Little Devil

Rusty's Vlog

21st March 2071

The camera activates to Rusty’s point of view this time. It’s fairly dark and he’s sitting at the kitchen counter of a very big, very modern and probably very expensive apartment. The voice recording comes from his DNI so he doesn’t have to talk out loud. In the pauses, it’s quiet, much more quiet than the Rat’s Nest ever is, pretty much the only thing to be heard is the fridge.

If Liana finds out about this, she’s going to kill me. And I’m not exactly thrilled about it, either, but it’s not like anyone held a gun to my head.

Ok, so we have come up with a sort of plan to get Ela out of the asylum. They’re bringing in a neurosurgeon and we’re going to kidnap that guy and let Stanley go in his stead. We’ve already found out where he lives and if everything goes as planned, we’re going to make him tell us everything we need and then leave the poor bastard with Nebraska to watch over him. And kill him if he tries to bullshit us – at least that’s what we’re telling him. I’m not to keen to kill anyone here, I’m not sure Nebraska has gotten the memo that leaving bodies behind is trouble, though.

The doc’s probably not going to remember this week too fondly. He’s barely scraping by, from the looks of his place, and when we were right in front of his door, his home system shorted out, completely fried. Including the door lock. If he comes back to even a table and a chair, he’s lucky.

The first thing Zach did, by the way, was score some drugs. Sobriety’s not going too well, I guess. Wily’s going to flip when she finds out. She told me about how hard it’s for her to hold on and the last thing she needs is a boyfriend high as a kite all the time. He looked a bit pale and I think he had a bit of a nosebleed, but what do I know what kind of shit he took.

Anyway. Plan.

I read about cybering up roaches and how it’s actually dirt cheap and easy to do. Saphira got us the electronics and the Viets gave me a bucket full of roaches. This morning, we had a nice roach clinic going in our room and it really does work. The roaches will be our eyes inside, scouting the place before we go in. They’re already in and I hope that they’re not being turned into rat dinner. Or that someone steps on them.

With the roaches and Stanley on the inside and, we hope, able to find Ela, the rest of us are going in through the sewers. They have ghouls there, but apparently they are nice to chat with once they’re fed. To make our job a bit easier, we decided to get the spider out of the way.

He gets up and takes a walk around the room. His footsteps are almost noiseless on the plushy carpet. He takes a look around, at the high-class trid, stylish furniture, takes a look out of the window at a nice neighborhood in the light of the street lanterns. Well-manicured lawns, big houses, the truck of a private security firm patrolling the streets. Rusty turns away from the window and a piece of knick-knack catches his eye, a swan made from crystal. He picks it up gingerly, holds it for a moment and then sets it in its place again.

Turns out the spider’s a woman. She hangs out at Casey’s and so we go there, find her after a while, already pretty tanked. So I buy her a drink and about five minutes later we’re on the way here. I try to draw her out a bit, what kind of job she does to afford a place like this, kind of thing. She doesn’t really want to talk about it, but says that she’s a sinner and that she has broken all of the commandments, except maybe Thou shalt not kill. Does it count if she has just watched, she asks. She goes to confession every week, but I get the impressions that it’s not really helping her bad conscience much. I doubt that the sex helped any. Not because we didn’t have fun, but because I roofied her drink earlier to get a bit of time to have a look around her place. Actually, I had hoped that the roofies would knock her out before we got around to having sex, but the stuff takes a bit longer to to work than I thought. I found her commlink and she has a deck. The commlink holds a lot of stuff, but no security codes and the deck is locked away in a safe. So I’m going to try and talk her into giving me the codes. She feels bad enough about what she does that this might actually work, especially when she’s doped.

camera deactivates


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