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Little Lies

Tobias' Log

15th June 2071

Another update on our chocolate: they made it to the Sioux Nation at least.

After that little interlude in Spokane, they got detained by police for a short time and managed to bribe their way out of it. The rescue mission for the two girls back in Spokane went over less than perfect and it seems Nebraska had a meltdown, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. But they got their act together and drove on. The next thing really wasn’t their fault, could have happened to anyone, they got targeted by some go gang or rather some kids who want to be a go gang when they grow up.

I must say they handled that well, all things considered. One of the ganger is dead, but only because his friend miss-aimed and shot him instead of Mr. Sullivan. By the way, I have the information you wanted, find the files attached. Everyone else is alive and our runners are mostly unhurt, with the exception of Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Kyldrasic, but he is a quick healer. They got once again questioned by police, but it was only a routine thing. Their fingerprints and SINs (the fake ones) are in the system now, though.

Crossing the border into Sioux Nation could have gone better, but it could have gone a lot worse, too. Customs pulled their usual bullshit and kept them waiting for hours while they went over the RV and transporter with a fine-tooth comb, but except for some porcupine quills, they didn’t find anything. That cost them 1000 NY, about twice as much as would have been the normal fine. Also, social services were called in because the girls played the ‘kids with behavioral problems’-card a bit too hard. Nothing came of it except some uncomfortable questions regarding Mr. Voynich’s conduct.

They also lost their satellite connection, but again, through no fault of their own. Right now, they are camped out in the middle of nowhere, which pretty much describes the whole state of Montana this side of the border.


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