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Little Things

Neil's Journal

14th June 2071

We’re in the middle of a war zone and the Barrens are looking at a tough time, it seems that KE has decided to starve the gangs out. Yeah. Like that’s going to help.

But life goes on and little things happen. Dawn and Ela have finished their tree house or at least it’s done so far that they can move in. They plan on adding to it. It’s really quite charming and they are thrilled to have their own space. Ruby and me can start refurnishing the guest room for the twins…which lead to some discussion over how much technology we will need to raise our kids. We’ll meet somewhere in the middle, I guess.

Kiki is building herself a small cabin at Crescent Lake and she will run a small shop and pharmacy from there. We can use something like that – I’ve talked to her and the clinic will cooperate with her, people will be able to get her potions for minor illnesses on prescription.

I’ve had a conversation with the Draco Foundation a couple of days ago. Fog has asked them for a grant to clean up the fertilizer plant and to get Esmeralda her new legs and since I will be the one to operate on her, they wanted a bit of background. I feel a bit anxious, having their attention. So far, obviously, no strike team has come to abduct me and we’ve always been careful about Eric. There are so many rumors about what happened to him and many are a lot more believable than ‘hey, this washed-up street doc did what no-one else has managed to do’. I did tell them about my friendship with John and may have slightly exaggerated on my experience in treating him. I warned him about that exaggeration, in case they want to check with him.

Chill came to me last week with Trey in tow and wanted to know what had happened. I had no idea, but Trey looked like he got thrown under a bus. Stanley had already treated him, so there wasn’t much I could do and Trey wouldn’t say what happened. Said that some people didn’t like his face and that it was not worth making a fuss about. I send Stanley a message, maybe he knows what happened. But with Chill around, I couldn’t get Trey to talk. He looks like shit, by the way, and so does Chill. Both eaten away by Tempo, the one by taking the actual drug and the other by the need to get the money for it.

Eric is in the middle of a depression. He’s had that problem forever now and half turning into a ghoul has not helped at all. Getting together with Nebraska made him feel better, but depression isn’t healed by a relationship and it doesn’t even help to know that one should feel good because everything’s fine. I suspect he skipped on his medication, he sometimes does because he’s never been happy to have to rely on that. But at the moment it’s all he can do just to get out of bed and manage a couple of hours of work, so I hope it won’t take that much convincing to get him to take it again. And I won’t experiment with his medication unless I really have to, it works quite well when he does take it and together with the painkillers for his back, we’re out of options for an alternative. I might ask for Rusty to help me if I need to.

Rusty has a lot of his plate right now, though. Brigit has started to goblinize and has turned into an ork. She took it hard and worries that people will call her a freak and no-one will fall in love with her, at least no-one she wants. I don’t think she has to worry about that because frankly, she’s stunning. That will take some getting used to, after all she was just a kid of thirteen years old a week ago and now, she looks like a young woman. Physically, she did well during the transition and there was no brain damage or problems with her skeleton or muscles. She just has to grow into her new body now. But I’ll bet she’ll be the subject of some bar brawls. Rusty probably won’t take kindly to people catcalling his little sister.

Since I’m gossiping here, Diego has finally caught on to the fact that Selma has been flirting with him for the last couple of month. I won’t dare to comment on his obliviousness since I am probably holding the current record with three years of total ignorance. In any case, Simon told him and he talked to her, resulting in a date. I really hope it works out for them. Diego is not the easiest person to be around, but I think Selma can handle him.


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