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 +==== Lookout Tower ====
 +[[https://​​recarea/​mbs/​recarea/?​recid=18042|{{ :​wiki:​metainfo:​seattle_location:​lookout_tower.jpg?​200|}}]]
 +An old firewatch lookout tower that hasn't been in use for decades and had fallen into disrepair. [[Slicer]] found it and fixed it up in early 2072, he lives there now with [[Frettchen]].
 +[[https://​​maps/​d/​edit?​mid=1iWAsyEGpbMLlk-0UJQlpJPEo5mM&​msa=0&​ll=47.73687929714847%2C-122.06801905291746&​spn=0.38281%2C1.056747&​z=12|get directions to the Lookout Tower]]
 +-> [[Renton]] ​
 +{{tag> Lookout_Tower Renton Renton_location}}
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