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Lots and Lots of Sky

[Start Audio]


[no time stamp]

The Audio starts with roughly 10 seconds of pained laughter.

“I mean, just imagine driving the whole distance there…fucking ridiculous.”
Ha…Spirits, we’re SO fucked.
So very, very and royally fucked.
More time, more danger more….fffffuck.
Okay. Yeah, we drive the chocolate, our 1 mill chocolate, all the way up to Boston. We have to cross borders, we have to dodge magic hazards and face even more racism and prejudice than at home while waving fake IDs around and hope for the best.
By “we”, I mean Zoe, Stan, Jet, Nebraska and myself.
Just to prove that we’re capable or some shit.
Capable of hilariously dying, probably. None of us has any experience with this crap. I’m the only one who could remotely pass as a smuggler and I never fucking left Seattle.
My Sioux’s also a bit rusty, but that’s the least of our problems.
This can go wrong so many ways…but there’s no choice. We’re in this now so we might as well pull through as best we can, right?
Cover’s a decent one, the rides are good and we got some bribe money left.
ETA is in 6 or 7 days, if nothing goes wrong, so…we’ll see about that.
We’ll stick to the highway, try to make no fuzz and get through the NAN…sounds reasonable enough.
I just hope I can get everyone through this alive…

[End Audio]


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