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Love of Hopeless Causes

Rusty's Vlog

1st June 2071

camera activates: Rusty’s sitting on the tarmac in front of a hangar with a small single engine plane, enjoying the early sun…well, as much enjoying it as anyone can who only got five hours of sleep. A small plane is circling overhead and swifts call, it looks and feels a lot like summer, even in Seattle

Nebraska turned fourteen and I think no-one’s more surprised about that than she is. We got together and celebrated at the Skeleton. Nebraska’s together with Eric now and to tell the truth, that freaked me out at first. Eric’s my friend and all, but shit, she’s as old as Brigit. I can’t get over that when I look at her, I go into older brother-mode and I gave Eric a lot of shit about it.

We both said some stuff we shouldn’t have said and Eric lost it, tried to punch me. I dodged him or I probably would have spent the rest of the day at the clinic. I could have kicked myself, I just wanted to talk and instead it looked like we had just messed things up. Nebraska dragged Eric up to my place when she came home from work and fuck, that was awkward. But we agreed that we had caught each other on the wrong foot and tried again. This time, we actually got around to talking instead of shouting at each other and yeah, I get what they see in each other. They wil get more than enough shit from people who don’t know them, they don’t need that from me. I’ll have their back.

At the party, Zoé asked me to dance and I did, because it’s only a dance, right? Yeah. No. Not with Líng watching from the sidelines and I should have thought of that. Next thing I know, Líng has had a go at Zoé at the ladies’ and since Zoé probably didn’t back down because come on, she didn’t do anything wrong, Líng punched her out.

I was so fucking pissed at her, what is she gonna do, stalk every girl I so much as smile at? That’s not going to work out then. But by the time we got back to the Nest, she had sobered up enough to admit that she had overreacted. And yeah, admit it, we’re only waiting around for me to get my shit together after Liana, so dancing with Zoé was kind of a dick move from me.

When we get back from Boston, we’ll go out, on a real date, not just hanging around together. Seriously, the only reason why we didn’t fuck last night was because we had nowhere to go, not with little brothers and sisters around. But it’s probably better that way.

camera deactivates


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