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The Mad Woman

The Mad Woman is an old whore of a night club, that has seen some better days like fifty years ago. Today the once state of the art sound systems have been cannibalized, but the local DJs have jury-rigged some AR effects and wall-speakers. Since the neo-tribal folks started to visit the club at the beginning of 2071, every Friday night is a hell of a night with local bands that fit more or less into the taste of the young audience, that meet for their main rave of the weekend.

There's the bar, the main dance floor, the stage area and a galley to the second story, where you find the chill zone and the V.I.P. lounge which is not more than a few booths around tables behind a mirrored glass out to the dance floor. During some days of the week the original feminist crowd actually takes over.

While the club always had been known for drinking it just started to boom as the main attraction for young ravers that are in need for the kick of the latest pharmaceuticals. So naturally the club has evolved to the main Tempo joint of the whole district, with members of the Nations showing up regularly, hiding in the V.I.P. lounge which is more or less the zone for unlimited drug abuse and public sex display since.

People gossip that the First Nations have not only been occupying the club but that they had managed a hostile takeover, since nobody has seen one of the old management since weeks.

The joint has a main dance floor and a stage, light show, AR effects and cameras not only for security but also for entertainment, for some screens show the most sinister folks and the most entertaining things happening in the club for the rest to watch. The club is playing all kind of stuff over the week. With the neo-tribal night definitely the highlight of the week. On some days blots of Tempo circle for free in the club, thrown into the folks by people in the cloud. Since Tempo is a legal, there's no way to stop this. But harder drugs are also dealt in dark corners or in the back-alley behind the club.


The club started as a major night club after the Crash '29. The good intentions going overboard with the downfall of the district. Once a women's health center it first evolved to a women only club or a lesbian joint, managed by two female trolls Liza and Belle. The original posters of women's health care, women only self defense courses and posters of the female reproduction system and maps for abortion clinics or outdated birth control methods are still plastering the walls.

The restrooms are both still labeled “Women”, while today nobody really cares anymore. The women-women toilets are usually used for spontaneous sex or as a retreat to set another shot into your veins, or just to barf out the last few drinks to make room for more.

The club is too small to ever become a major joint or a major night club so it's ideal for some shadow business or a quick drug deal in a corner. As well as hit on one of those cute little neo-tribal chicks that hang around the doors for the backstage area to get a piece of their last idol musician.

It's still painted black on the outside and done so often to cover the latest tag and graffiti that the whole two story building looks like wrapped in black latex itself.

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