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La Cosa Nostra. The Black Hand. The Mob.

If you talk of the Mafia, there is no separate organisation for the Italian-American Mafia and the Irish-American Mafia (or Polish or Jewish) – they are the same organisation. OK, they are a bit different, since the national parts often also speak the language from ‘home’.

If you speak of the Mafia in Seattle nowadays – that means, for the last year – you speak of the Finnigans. They also rule over the not-Irish-parts of the Mafia in Seattle. There are about 40 to 50 families in the Mafia in North America, some are Italian-American, some are Irish-American, some are Polish or Jewish, and they all work to together. To some degree. And the Rat's Nest did business with the Finnigans from the beginning of the Rat's Nest. That secret is almost as secret as the fact that the ’Nest has matrix. Or that Growler speaks Gaeilge.

The Mafia has fought on and off with the Yakuza for 50 years, sometimes with over a decade of blood. The Mafia isn’t winning. But the Yakuza isn’t also. What you see more and more is Triads (Chinese Mafia), Seoulpa (Korean Yakuza), Vory v Zakone (Russian Mob), Laésa (Elvish Mafia) and Koshari (Native American Mafia). But right now, if you want the big players, you still say Yakuza or Mafia.


selection of known or assumed affiliates:

Places owned by or connected to the Mafia:

  • Danny’s Bar and Grill in Everett – Irish
  • Marigold, a bar in Everett – Irish
  • O’Malley’s – a bar in Everett – Irish

crime syndicate

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