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Magic has been a part of the world since 2011, the Awakening. People usually discover the magical talent in their teens, but it’s quite possible to awaken much later. If you’re lucky, you will get training, if not, you figure if out yourself. Magic is regulated by law of course and unless you get yourself registered, you are an illegal magician and fair game for any law enforcement officer who might find out.

There are two major different tradition, the Shaman and the Hermetic. Shamans learn their magic by instinct, with the help of a totem. Hermetics are more scientific about it and consider magic a force to be controlled. A great many subsets of traditions branch out from those two.

Full magicians are rare. More common are aspected magicians who can do one particular kind of magic, like conjuring spirits or casting spells. And then there are adepts, who channel their magic through their body, enhancing their own powers. Mundanes, as people without magic are sometimes called, are wary of all three. There are many misconceptions about magic and people often fear magicians.

A guide to magical terms and concepts

known adepts:

known shamans:

known hermetics

Magical beings include:

There are also a variety of Awakened animal species and other sentient beings that are collectively (and maybe rudely) called Critters.

Sixth World

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