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Magic Dance

Neil's Journal

15th April 2071

For some reason, I’ve seen more magic in the last month or so that I’ve seen all my life. Especially when we count technomancers among the Awakened and I don’t see why not.

Zach had been beating around the bush for days to try and draw me out about my magic until I pretty much told him to his face that I already knew he was a technomancer. I didn’t know as such, but I strongly suspected. I just wish that Splash was still at the Nest, she had at least a bit of experience with her powers. Zach also confirmed what Ruby and I were already suspecting: Fynn is also a technomancer. He offered to teach Fynn and we may take him up on that offer, but we want to see what Zach does with himself first.

The first thing he did was fall into a coma. He had been trying to bond with EVO and I think he has been pushing his luck. You can’t force magic and it seems he tried to. EVO bonded with him alright, by knocking him out and then eating him alive, to absorb him into the system. Can’t have been pleasant. He woke up a couple of days ago, in fairly good shape. Apart from the fact that he is now blind. From what I can see it’s psychosomatic, sort of. He does see, but his brain doesn’t register the signals. Maybe reroutes it to EVO. He tried using sensors to see, but that doesn’t work either. EVOs pixies function as seeing eye-dogs, but rather unreliable ones. If I had to guess, I’d say that his blindness will not be premanent, especially since he accepts it.

Fog asked me how to find a spirit guide. That’s not a question I could give a good answer to – I don’t think there is a good way to find a spirit guide. That would fall under forcing magic. I suggested that he does a vision quest, in a form he thinks fit for himself. No guarantee that this works, but it’s kind of like offering oneself, without making demands. He left for the NAN but didn’t say where he plans to go. If he even knows.

He’s clearly the leader of their little group, whether he likes it or not. They could do much worse. I think he is a bit younger than he looks and acts and he seems quite comfortable in our impromptu community, although I get the feeling that he isn’t used to having so many people so close to him. In both the sense of space and relationship. But that’s not a bad problem to have.


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