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Maria Magdalene Asylum

The Maria Magdalene Sanatorium is an asylum for street girls with drug addiction and a Christian foundation that is mainly financed by donations. The sanatorium is a closed mental institute and well guarded by a barbed wire fence on the perimeter, guarded entry and personal.

Admittance is only for family members and only with valid SIN, which makes visits quite rare because the inmates are all SINless street girls with no real name and are registered by their street names.

March 2071

A fire broke out in the building and more than 50 girls were killed, either from smoke inhalation or when a few girls tried to use the situation as cause for a riot. The sanatorium was badly damaged and closed down. At least that is the official version. The 50 girls are alive and well, after having escaped when a runner group broke into the asylum to free a few of their own friends.

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