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The Marigold is a mafia-owned bar in Everett. To find it you need to do some sleuthing, it doesn’t exactly advertise and there’s no sign that there is a bar even if you are standing right in front of it.

All you will see is a phone booth build against the wall of one of the houses. A phone booth that contains a very old-fashioned phone. If you’re lucky, you have the right number from someone who invited you and then all that is left is to figure out how to use the dial disc of the phone.

The Marigold is a speakeasy, 1920s style. People take care to dress for the part and it’s frowned upon to say the least to come in 2070s clothes. It’s not historical reenactment, but apperances are kept up. On weekends, there’s live music but even without that, there’s usually some dacing when it gets late. So you better brush up your Charleston skills.

get directions to the Marigold

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