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The Matrix is a virtual reality-based worldwide computer network and more than a fair share of life in the 21st century takes place there. You can use the Matrix like you would have used the old internet, but it’s much more practical to submerge in the virtual or at least augmented reality, this is how it was designed to be seen.

On November 2, 2064 the wired Matrix crashed and burned, which caused an enormous loss of life, information and money. It was rebuilt using a wireless system. Shortly after the crash, Technomancers started to emerge. More about the Rats Nest Server there.

Matrix denizens

The Matrix has it’s own population and not all of it are either humans or bots or programs. There are beings that are unique to the Matrix. Known examples are:


  • Sprite, Matrix being, created by Technomancers

UV Hosts

Those hosts are still legend. The last UV host that was known has been part of the Renraku Arcology System under the terror regime of Deus, the slain AI that was destroyed during the emergence of the Matrix 2.0.

If you ever enter a UV host, you only can enter in hot mode. No other system is capable of computing the incoming data. It’s real as reality can get. It’s not the matrix anymore that you know and those parts of the hacker community that see it as a special form of magic since Matrix 2.0, a few technomancers for example, might be right.

What little data is available points to the idea that your physical attributes inside such a system do not depend on your hardware anymore but on your mental attributes like in an astral fight. The theories are diffusing from magical theory, which claims that your

  • Body will be your Willpower
  • Agility will be your Logic
  • Reaction will be your Intuition
  • Strength will be your Charisma

But what do those Wizworms know of the Matrix, eh?

There is a rumor that MCT is experimenting with an UV system. A rumor that is known by some of the inhabitants of the Rat’s Nest, who had been on a system, known as The Warshaw Ghetto.

Foundation Hacks

  • Body is Firewall
  • Agility is Sleaze
  • Reaction is Data Processing
  • Strength is Attack
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