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Meredith is or rather was a Scrapper who was killed during the raid on the Rat’s Nest. He was hit by a water canon, knocked out and froze to death because he wasn’t found in time. Neil calls his spirit from time to time and Meredith always asks about his widow and his three daughters. He would like for Neil to ‘help’ his widow find a new husband, but so far Neil isn’t exactly a fan of that idea.

July 2071

Since Meredith is around the whole time anyway, Neil decides to try and set him free. It almost doesn’t work and Neil hurts himself at the first attempt, but in the end, Meredith is a free spirit. He remains an ally of Neil’s and pay special attention to the wellbeing of the Nest in general and of his family. His wife Veronica is shocked at first, but they discuss the terms of their post-mortem relationship and Meredith gets visiting rights for his children.


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