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Scientifically, metahumans are all five subspecies of Homo sapiens. In general usage, metahumans are all subspecies with the exception of humans. The subspecies began to appear in 2011, when babies were born that were elvish or dwarfish. The phenomenon is called UGE, Unexplained Genetic Expression. In 2021, goblinization began – about a tenth of the population turned into orks or trolls. These days, goblinization is still ongoing, but usually only with individuals who are descendant of at least one ork or troll parent. In 2061, the passing of Halley’s Comet caused a second wave of the phenomenon, this time called SURGE or Sudden Unexplained Recessive Genetic Expression. No new subspecies were created, but many Awakened varieties of existing species and changes like horns, third eyes, tails, fur, dermal plates ect. in metahumans.

The history of metahumanity is not exactly a peaceful story. There are many prejudices, racism is rampant and often, violence breaks out when the interests of the groups clash. The worst event until now has been the Night of Rage in 2039.

The subspecies are:

  • Dwarf, Homo sapiens pumilionis
  • Elf, Homo sapiens nobilis
  • Human, Homo sapiens sapiens
  • Ork, Homo sapiens robustus
  • Troll, Homo sapiens ingentis

Sixth World

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