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 +==== Moss ====
 +Moss is one of the pixies spawned by [[EVO]].
 +Like most of the pixies she enjoys to hunt, but since she got dragged into a UV-host and the [[Sink the Gustloff|Gustloff]] sank, she developed a taste for big and nasty game.
 +This little warrior also loves to tinker, especially when she can turn what made her prey strong into an advantage for herself.
 +{{ :​wiki:​npcs:​moss.jpg?​400 |}}
 +**August 2071**
 +In search for a new home, together with the other Pixies, a too bold jump from chip to chip costs her her lower left leg. Thanks to Turquoise, though, she can replace it with the tibia of one ov EVO’s predatory insects after some tinkering.
 +When the [[Nest]] has some hacker problems, Moss and the others want to help out and infiltrate and wreck the nest of some spammers, taking with them a lot of intel and a couple of new programs from the tank-icons the spammers were sporting.
 +-> [[EVO]]
 +{{tag> pixie Moss EVO}}
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