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Moving Out

Neil's Journal

8th March 2071

I’m getting a bit tired of having my home burned down. Luckily, I had most of my stuff at Glitzy‘s or at least the stuff I couldn’t replace.
We decided to move out of the Nest. I wasn’t too fond of that idea at first, but I’m getting used to it and if it works out, it might actually be a good thing. Glitzy found an abandoned hospital for us. A handful of squatters live there, but they only use one wing and are willing to let us have the other, where the operation theaters and storerooms were located. Which suits us just fine.

There’s a lot of work to be done, the place is a ruin. But when we get it to work, we’ll have room and we’ll be out of the way. The place is on no gang’s turf and there isn’t anything anyone is interested in here. One less reason for the First Nations to reoccupy the Nest.

The way this is going to work, the squatters get health insurance and we get to use the place. Harry, Chelsea and their folks are going to open up a canteen and I’m fairly sure that this is going to be a success. The politic of treating anyone at the clinic hasn’t changed and I hope that after some time, attacking the clinic will piss off quite a few people, not just the Rat’s Nest.

The Nest will keep a small med station and Whistler said that he’d like to run it. I want him to have Simon or Diego with him, but let’s try and see what he can do. He certainly has the skills. I don’t see a problem there, but I do see a problem with his Tempo habit. But I’ve always turned a blind eye to whatever my people do in their free time and Whistler gets the same treatment. I did warn the others about this and told them to keep an eye open…I have this feeling that Whistler thinks he can get away with being high on the job when I’m not around.

Growler and I decided to have Gilettes in command of the Scrappers and prospects who will be guarding the new clinic. We’d both like to built him up to take over from Growler one day and I think this is a fairly good place to start.

I also had a talk with Liz and asked her if she wants to help when the twins are born. Glitzy and I both want her to be there (and Simon), but I wasn’t sure how she’d take it. Turns out, she wants to do it. She can’t quite wrap her head around the fact that Glitzy actually wants her to be there and she says that she’d be far less trusting if she was in Glitzy’s place. But I told her the same I told Glitzy: the person she has to trust is me, not Liz.


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