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Nerf's Logs

7th July 2073

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ nerfsdiary.txt - murica.jpeg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

well, here we are, the land of the free. and after only a short while with the american vory v zakone, i got suspicious. the clans are loosely connected and the american spirit must have washed off on these lads. i couldnt shake my paranoid feelings and decided to get some distance between me and these guys - before any opportunities come up, you know? so where do you go when you're originally suposed to lay down with a crime mob in seattle?

they call it “the nest”, and that describes the handmade slum-settlings around (and actually on) the town's landfill quite well. a community with its own rules and laws. if you dont fuck up, youre welcome to stay. for a monthly rent, but including services like health insurance. not bad, i must say! besides, everybody seems to mind their own business and neither police, nor gangs are welcome. i don't know much about sociological structures, but i think the system can only subsist as long as it lives up to its own name, right? right?!? in other words, yours truly's fate is now not in the hands of americanized vory, but a collective of people interested in upholding their privacy. paranoid thoughts -2 at least.

isnt it lovely how fast you get your hands on a job in a community of social outcasts and criminals? only a few days after i moved in to my container home, i got a call on one of my local burn phones. something must have messed up my deck when i tried to track it, ppbly some language settings or timezone crap or whatever, but i got it fixed up again. the girl called herself kyra and told me to meet her in a local pub for infos, and so i went for a drink and met the team:

kira: magic support, leader of the run

mulligan: rigger, local ex-cop (always nice to have on your side)

ruckus: muscles & cyberware, kind of orc that kills you with his bare hands

me: matrix stuff

looks ok, you could at least beat the first 2 bosses in legend of cyberfantasy 8 with a party like us. so what are we planning to do? hold your hats: we gonna steeeeeal … drumroll … a tree. yeah, a fucking tree. but before you start to think about faking a gardening service and just digging the thing out in a bloody park, its not any tree of course, its a mini tree. bonsai, kudasai. no further infos about our johnson, but i bet my ass it has yakuza in it. to make it a little more challenging, the tree is not only worth a fortune on ebay, but its also some one-of-a-kind thing with its seed or blend or whatever. so yep, it has its own ceremonial value, as always with the damn yaks. and its in a tiny garden, surrounded by company skyscrapers. and the tiny garden is open exactly 2 days a year. for a bunch of special guests only. phew. at least kyra says it doesnt have a totoro spirit living between its tiny leafs.

mr johnson got us guest list tickets, but what are we gonna do, come with shovels? we got mulligan a job at the security company garding the event, plus i forged myself an identity and some bullshit-bingo startup landing page, so that the two of us can actually join the party. but thats just a backup plan. primarily, kyra and ruckus will shoot a customized rocket into the plaza from one of the surrounding buildings and then remote-control it back out. in russia, we always thought macguyver was fictional, but after listening to this batshit crazy plan and seeing the modified shovelrocket with my own eyes, im not so sure anymore. if it works, fine. if it doesnt, we'll come back to ruckus' plan, which involves crashing through the building and blasting a hole in the garden wall. more oldschool, i like it.

unfortunately, mulligan wasnt asigned to the particular job at her new company. kyra decided we should knock out the other rigger guy who was on schedule so that mulligan could move up the list. logical decision, why not? accidents happen. so while i went out to hack some of the traffic lights around the garden complex, kyra and ruckus went to a little league base ball game and looked for the rigger guy. to beat him up. in front of his family. and everyone else. at a CHILDRENS BALL GAME. dont get me wrong, i am used to stuff like this if ppl cant pay their debts or talked or smth, but not just to keep them from their jobs for a few days. ruckus looks hard boiled allright, but i definetely underestimated kyras cold blooded determination. mental note: i need to stay extra focused around her.

long story short: they set up a fake fight and “accidentally” caught our target in between them. they beat him to a bloody pulp, his kids screaming in awe. then they left rruckus wasnt even wearing a mask. these ppl - my team - are either stone cold professionels or simply insane. i need to investigate a little more about them… seems like kyra and mulligan were on some jobs together in the past, so they should know what they are doing… at least i hope they do. for all of us.


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