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Neil's Journal

16th March 2071

I was looking forward to spending what was left of the evening with Glitzy, but decided to swing by the clinic to gather up some stuff. You can probably see where this is going and it’s not a quiet evening at home.

The clinic wasn’t all that busy, except for Diego treating a little kid and Stanley, watching Jet who almost got killed while shopping. I think the group as a whole has a good chance of winning the clinic’s ‘most valued guests’-trophy when this keeps up. Stanley told me in passing that the others were busy breaking into some dry cleaners, but I really didn’t want to know details.

I was just about to leave when all hell broke lose. Some gangers had brought their friend, high on Nitro and with a knife still sticking out of his stomach. I’m not entirely clear on what happened, but the ganger, Crank, grabbed the kid, got his hands on a scalpel and threatened to kill the kid. Stanley tried knocking Crank out with his narcojet, but the needle only stuck in the ork’s jacket.

I could see that Diego was freaking out and I’m glad that we’ve agreed not to carry guns at the clinic. If he’d had his gun, he would have tried to defend himself and the kid and I don’t even want to think about that situation. I tried talking him down, placing myself between him and the others. He backed away until he had reached the door to the office (where we keep our weapons) and there he stopped and seemed to recognize me.

Crank had let go of the kid after Stanley had shouted at the other orks to fucking help him. While they were busy mauling each other Stanley picked up the screaming kid and carried him into the office. Smart idea, if it weren’t for Diego who snapped back into his survival mode. I grabbed him just in time to keep him from attacking Stanley. With hindsight, it might have been a good idea to warn Stanley about Diego, but this is the first time in years he has lost it like this and I honestly didn’t think about it.

Stanley finally dropped Crank with a well-placed narcoject needle and I had Diego under control, although I had to keep him in a chokehold for some time – a hold me taught me himself, actually. I had a much easier time than I should have, Diego was terrified and didn’t put up much of a fight. I hope this isn’t going to mess him up again, he was doing much better since we started him on the medication. We patched up Crank, who’s not in good shape, but he’ll survive. It takes more than falling into a knife to kill an ork.

There’s one good thing about all this or at least I hope so. The orks are members of Black Flak, the resident go-gang. They have pretty much left us alone, but I want to make that semi-official. I gave them a message for their boss, asking him to call me. For now, we have treated Crank and his guys for free, as a goodwill gesture and I’m willing to offer a bit more if we can get the support of the gang for that. I want to make it a lot of trouble to mess with the clinic and a pissed off ork gang would be exactly that.

Oh and speaking of trouble, Stanley got a call a couple of hours later from Fog who proudly announced that their break was a success and that they were coming to the clinic. I’m not sure who yelled ‘fuck no’ faster, Jet, Stanley or me. I didn’t care if it was just some small dry cleaner, they were not coming here. I think they are staying at some hotel or other, on Jet’s adivce.


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