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Neil Munroe

Neil is the doctor of the Rat's Nest. He was born in 2023 in Boston, which is still obvious from his accent, and he has Cherokee ancestors, which is also fairly obvious in his looks. For most of his life, he lived in the Eastern U.C.A.S., but after losing his approbation due to drug use, he crossed the continent, drifting aimlessly until he finally stranded in Seattle. By the time he started to work at the Nest in 2062, he had already been clean for two years and has been since.

These days, he's something of a reluctant leader as well as a doctor. Growler, the leader of the Scrappers, has pushed him gently into that position. Neil's not too thrilled about that, mainly because he's afraid of messing up, but he accepts the responsibility.

Neil is newly Awakened. He never had much to do with magic at all, until he found out that he can conjure spirits. He has since learned some measure of control over his magic, with the help of Glitzy who also became his girlfriend (his first relationship for eight years and subject to much talk at the Nest). His mentor spirit is Dog.

Here's a story every newcomer to the Nest is told about Neil: a few years back, someone breaks into the clinic and steals painkillers and drugs. Neil figures out who it was, but before he can do anything, that same guy comes to the clinic with a bullet stuck in his leg, a drug deal gone bad. Neil, who has managed to already get his hands on a new drug supply, takes one look at him and says: sorry, we're all out of painkillers and proceeds to dig the bullet out just like that.

Neil owns a Rottweiler named Jasper.


August 2071

On the 24th, Glitzy and Neil become parents of twins, Angus and Ciara. Neil also enters into a pact with Lao Jia that grants him immunity to age for the next seven years.

October 2071

Neil goes to London with Lao to bring back Emma, an adept from what is probably another world/dimension/timeline, whom they met on the metaquest to find Lao's first conjurer. He also brings back a Homunculus-perpetuum mobile, a wooden dog named Gihli the size of a German shepherd.

December 2071

Neil goes on a run for the Draco Foundation to deliver two blood mages to the Foundation who are, unusually, not yet insane.


Neil is in a relationship with Lao.
Neil is actively collecting magic users in the Nest, possibly to mindcontrol them and become a serious power in the Barrens.
Neil was an active participant in the Great Ghost Dance (or maybe one of his ancestors who is now controlling Neil).


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