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Rat's Nest

The Rat's Nest is a squatter settlement in the worst part of the Redmond Barrens, right at the landfill. People there live in shipping containers and makeshift plastic homes and make a living by recycling everything that gets thrown away.

People of the Rat's Nest:

Locations at the Rat's Nest:


Most of the Nests inhabitants are humans or orks. There is quite a large dwarf community, only matched by the one in the Ork Underground.

Race Percentage
Human 50%
Ork 28%
Dwarf 18%
Elf 2%
Troll 1%
Other 1%

The community has its own Matrix hub which is supported by the local Hackers and techcommunity. The strong Techwiz community maintains the infrastructure and the whole Nest is a real lightshow in the Matrix, with strong AR. Spamming is forbidden. Its net is unusually tight for a remote spot like that.


The law of the Nest is declared by the Committee and executed by the Scrappers.

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