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  • IND, IndyMedia
  • MetaMatrix, Matrixprovider that targets Metas as clients
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Sixth World

  08.30.71 CBC – After massive rescue efforts failed, the Bank of America has been declared failed. The FDIC is currently running the bank and has been notifying customers about the developements. CBC will follow events. More on this at News at 8.
  08.25.71 CBC – After a fire in the Port of Tacoma, there have been reports that the fire was caused by an attack and not by neglience, as previously assumed. Several security guards report being attacked by what they describe as ninjas right before the fire broke out, destroying most of the cargo of the ship. Sources within Knight Errant have spoken about a possible drug or weapons shipment on board.
  08.06.71 ABS – After the explosion last night, a major fire has broken out at the site. Our drone feeds suggest arson or at least reckless endangerment. Specialists in Seattle gang-related crime have identified involved persons as belonging to the Red Hot Nukes. The fire, by now, is under control.
  08.05.71 ABS – An explosion shook the inhabitants of Seattle awake tonight. Our camera drones report a fire and a destroyed complex near the former reactor, but no elevated levels of radiation. We have a hotline with further information, click here to be connected.
  07.24.71 ABS Violence erupted tonight all over Seattle when unknown suspects went on a spree of destruction through the city’s newly opened Minimarts. The damage, after first reports, will be in the hundred thousands.
  06.25.71 – CBC – A forest fire in the Chicago exclusion zone cost the lives of several teenagers yesterday in an event currently under investigation. Informations received at this time indicate that the teenagers were participating in a live-action game and had been brought outside the designated game zone by a pilot working under the influence of drugs. Further updates as the situation develops.
  06.20.71 – ABS – During an emergency evacuation of theme park Six Flags Great Lakes, unknown persons instigated rioting and looting. There was one casualty, a park employee working as a mascot was shot when he tried to stop looters. The park also suffered property damage of a yet unsure sum. Click here for security footage and further information – Six Flags has announced that anyone who has further information that will lead to the capture of the looters will be paid a reward. (footage shows people looting food and souvenir stands, among the thieves are two teenage girls and a young man)
  06.04.71 – CBC – Authorities have reported an as yet unidentified body found in Everett. Apparently, the man drowned and it is unclear whether it was an accident or suicide, but a spokesperson said that murder had been ruled out. If you believe you have any useful information, click here for a description.

  05.10.71 CBC – Jerry Dreamland, the genius director and producer of the underground “Dreamland Trailerpark” project, that is unpublished, but available from illegal BTL circles and reaching top-prices for collectors, has announced his new project “The 120 days of Sodom”, which is the adaption of the literature classic of Marquis de Sades world literature novel. Dreamland is under contract of Hollywood Entertainment and the insiders and SIM fans are speculatig about this daring project of never seen PPOV Dreamchip, that will be directed on ‘totally legal simsense levels’, als Mr. Dreamland has promised, ‘because we just cut the edges, eh?’. The agents are roaming the streets for actors to contract to the project. The net is waiting for his master piece to come. Mr. Dreamland had been hospitalized after a breakdown from his last project but has now full recovered, claiming to change the world for SIMsense forever. A band battle about the sound track has started.
  05.08.71 CBS – Today, Downtown was shaken by an explosion when a casino was the target of a bomb attack by unknown perpetrators. Rescue operations are ongoing, but first official figures say that there are more than eighty people dead and many more seriously hurt. Click here for footage of the explosion (video shows the outside of the casino just as all windows and doors are blown out. On the parking lot, the ground blows up as well, throwing a stretch limo right at a man and hitting him. Feed cuts out when the camera is hit by the limo.)
  04.29.71 – ABS – Shapeshifting copkiller brought down – the murder spree of the magical criminals came to an end in the woods of Snohomish around midnight. After brutally killing his accomplice, the adept went on a rampage, shapeshifting into a bear. He attacked a group of hunters and killed one of them until SSP hunted him down. The identify of the adept is still unknown, investigations are ongoing. Click here for an interview with one of the surviving hunters. “He was dancing and singing the Blue Danube, while he ate Kenny!”

04.28.71 – ABS – Ongoing hunt for copkiller: after the brutal death of SSP officer Walter Steckler at the hands of an unregistered adept and his witch accomplice, police are locking down Snohomish and surrounding areas. Do you want to know more? Click here for footage of the assault on Steckler’s partner, viewer discretion advised.

  03.25.71 – ABS – In the early morning hours a speeding car crashed into a concrete barrier in Snohomish. Sources say that there were no survivors. Click for footage of the rescue operation. Local police are investigating, but apparently, the driver was under the influence of alcohol and drugs, as were his passengers. One of the victims was Krishna Kumar, son of Regency Megamedia CEO Dinesh Kumar.
  03.21.71 – Unwired – Today police engaged in a shootout and car chase with an as yet unidentified man. We have a video of the chase available for you to download. Police fired wildly and there are fourteen injured bystanders, not to mention police officers caught in friendly fire. The suspect escaped, driving his badly damaged van into the Redmond Barrens where he lost control and the van drove off the bridge into the Skykomish River. A body has not been found. Police have so far not commented on why exactly the man was targeted.
  03.08.71 – CBC – A major illegal BTL organisation has been broken up by the police today. There are at least sixteen as yet unidentified victims. First reports say that the gang not only kidnapped and tortured these women, but also took producer Jerry Dreamland hostage to make their films for them. Mr. Dreamland currently is in negotiation for the movie rights to his ordeal.
  03.07.71 – IND – The unidentified body of a teenager has been found in Touristville. Rumour is he was a pimp and man, I don’t hold my breath for this to get solved any time soon. – Shark
  01.31.71 – ABS – An explosion shook Redmond in the early morning hours when the bridge along High Bridge Road spanning the Snoqualmie was destroyed by yet unknown perpetrators. Investigations are ongoing and Mayor Sonya Scholl has announced her intention to inspect the situation in person and to do everything in her power to rebuilt the bridge as soon as possible. The bridge was the only access to Seattle’s major landfill.
  01.01.71 – MetaMatrix – New Years Day party goes viral ‘Two Trolls and a Bucket’
  12.26.70 – ABS – Officers of the security company Lone Star arrested Mister Brody (m. Troll, 27) who shot his neighbour in Tacoma with a shotgun. “It was no killing my neighbour is a Technomancer. My radio got static everytime he got near it.” His lawyer Al Goodman defended his client: “Under current law a technomancer is no citizen but a dangerous paracritter. To act in self-defense is the right of my client. This is no murder case. The prosecutor will have to proof that the victim was no technomancer. Else my client will go free.”
  12.25.70 – CBC – Sakura Studios announcing the start for their new casting show Stars R U for the start of the new year. The Japano-Pop-Culture commercials are to seen everywhere in the city. Last chance to submit your application for the casting until 12.31.70 Traffic Jam in Downtown around the “Stars-R-U” casting bureau of Sakura Studios. Knight-Errant forcing order into the fans at 11 a.m. with a full anti-riot battalion. Thirty detentions, twenty-seven injured. No officers seriously harmed. Questions asked about unnecessary violence by K-E troops. Studio spokeswoman is speaking of the “Christmas Schoolgirl Massacre” by Knight Errant. Want to know more?
  12.25.70 – IND – Arbitrarius strikes again! The self proclaimed avenger of the poor and exploited ambushed a delivery truck on the High Bridge Road through The Verge. The hooded avenger did strike the fourth time this month and gave away a share of the loot to local squatters. This time it was a meat delivery truck that was transporting turkeys for a restaurant in the Renton district, the luxurious Cougar Mountain Resort. Local police advise delivery companies to guide their trucks around Redmond and through Snohomish instead. Local police set a bounty fee of 1000 Nuyen for any lead causing his arrest.
  12.24.70 – NN – PETA activists let free all animals of Renton Center Mall’s Paranormal Zoo this afternoon. In the following mass panic during the Christmas rush hours, many of the rare animals escaped into freedom. Some were run over on the streets shortly after the incident. The mall called for help finding and caging the animals before they all lose their lives to the December climate and offers 10% of the value of the animals as reward. Some of the escaped animals were rare awakened species like a Mist Lynx or Vampire Bats. The activists escaped unidentified in the chaos. Police are looking for eye witnesses, because of a data loss on the surveillance server. K-E is working on the ID of a white male suspect that was observed during the time of the incident near the Zoo.
  12.23.70 – Seattle-wide-Spam – The Nipple-Ripple! Girls-Wrestling contest as Opening Event in Danny’s Bar and Grill in Everett. Entrance fee from 10 nY, and a free drink. – Want to cash money? Competitors can win up to 2000 nY! Must stay at least 11 seconds in the ring. Event starts on Friday, the 2nd January 2071.
  12.23.70 – CBC – After ORC complained about Mitsuhama Media that not a fair share of metahumans are displayed on their media, MM announced double their broadcast “America’s Most Wanted” to twice a week.
  12.23.70 – IIN – Gang violence in Touristville. During a motorcyle hunt through the streets of the district some bikes crashed. One casuality was picked up by DocWagon. Victim is a SINless kid, dressed in yellow. Drugs involved. More about Drugs?
  12.23.70 – CBC – Sakura Studios announces the opening for submitting appliances for the casting Japano-Pop show Stars-R-U in Downtown, Seattle in the casting bureau on 25.12. 11:00 am.
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