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Night of Rage

The Night of Rage was a anti-metahuman pogrom on February 7, 2039. After a period of anti-metahuman hate crimes, many cities experienced riots on that same day. To control the situation, metahumans were rounded up and taken into protective custody or detained, depending on whom you ask. In any case, this course of action only made matters worse because now people began to attack the detention centers and killed hundreds of people in every city. Seattle saw the firebombing of warehouses where metahumans had been detained and the inaction of the Metroplex Guard. Many people fled into the Ork Underground. In the aftermath, metahumans were granted equal rights, but the memories are still very fresh and have left deep scars.

Today, the Crying Wall in Tacoma is a monument to the Night of Rage, a 20ft long art installation with sculptures and interactive AR. Volunteers guard the wall and there are always candles and flowers left here. An entrance to the Ork Underground is nearby.

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