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 +==== Ningbo ====
 +He usually wears hawaiian shirts, corduroy-shorts and geta. (And sometimes a Ruger Super Warhawk in his trouser waistband, if he feels it is needed.)
 +He has lived in the [[Nest]] for over 10 years and is a member of the Committee.
 +**August 2071**
 +Ningbo leaves the Nest right before a raid by the [[celavies|Bureau of Copyright Infringement and Patent Violation]]. He takes the Nest’s server and warns no-one of the danger. It’s unlikely he will be welcome any longer at the Nest, to put it mildly. [[Faye]] replaces him as leader of the [[hackers]].
 +-> [[hackers]]
 +{{tag> NPC Ningbo hacker}}
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