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No Rest for the Wicked

Rusty's Vlog

2nd June 2071

Camera activates: Rusty’s sitting in some seedy hotel room. His neighbors are either fucking or watching porn. He has a fat lip and some scratches and his knuckles are bloody, his palms and fingers are bandaged.

Fucking shit! I shoulda known that this wasn’t going to be simple. I flew Glitzy, Fog and the gang over to Boston and I brought them all up and back down again alive. I kinda thought that this had been the hard part of the trip. Yeah, Growler told me to be on the lookout for trouble, but it’s not like I haven’t done this before.

This morning, I went to see Rory down at the motor pool of Emerald Recycling and he unloaded the data, gave me another parcel to bring back to Growler. And he said to go out back, there were people with their eyes on the building. He also gave me a couple of places where I could lay low if I needed to. When I came out again, crossing over the parking lot, I made the guys Rory had been talking about and they had seen me. They followed me along the street in a van and I guess they were planning to grab me, only a garbage truck rear-ended them. Prooobably not an accident.

Anyway, I took the chance and ran, heading in the direction of the railyard, no way they could follow me there in the van. Two of them went after me on foot, both of them orks and fuck, they were fast. One of them got his foot caught in a switch, but the other one followed me and we played hide and seek between the trains. Complete nightmare, I almost got hit by one and pretty soon railyard security was chasing us. That worked in my favor, though, because they got the ork just when he had grabbed me. I would have had no chance in hell to fight him off, that guy was completely hulked out even without his cyberware. But with five guys coming down on him, he let me go and I ran. I think he tried to fight them, but I didn’t stop to watch, just climbed the fence, ripped my hands on barbed wire and got away. Crossed the interstate and went into hiding in the Rox.

Shit, I thought I’d get to see something else for a change and now I’m stuck in a fucking slum again. I’m fairly sure they’re not going to find me, but sooner or later I’m going to have to get out of here. I need to call Glitzy, check how much longer they are going to stay. I can keep my head down, but they’re not all that keen to maybe get into my trouble I guess. So maybe I better find my own way home.

camera deactivates


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