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Not Their Finest Hour

14th September 2071

Video filmed by the dashboard cam of the group’s van and various other car cameras

The group is heading down a street in Snohomish when a police chopper gets them in its spotlight. Fog climbs up on the roof of the van to take a shot at the chopper while the van stops and the others get out to load the stolen gear into new cars that Zach and Nebraska get up and running for them. Fog kills the chopper’s spotlight and it gets out of range, but three police cruisers turn up and come to a stop less than 30 meters down the street. The cops take cover behind their vehicles and yell at everyone to stop what they’re doing and to show their hands.

Instead, Fog charges the cops, takes several bullets and gets into a brawl with them. Sam is not close behind, slinging lightning and doing his best not to get hit. The cops fire neurostun grenades in the direction of the van. Stanley takes cover in the nearest front garden, Zach snipes from behind the van and Nebraska is busy unpacking her drones and sending them out to help in the fight.

One of the cars the group had just loaded their gear into starts up and crashes into one of the cruisers, making the cops dive for cover. Fog starts using them as human shields, taking them out one after the other, helped by the drones and Sam’s magic. When the gas starts to envelop it, the van moves backwards and leaves Zach out in the open. One of the cops takes a shot at him and Zach goes down, but manages to get a hit on the cop, too.

It’s all over very quickly, the last two cops surrender because they know a shitty situation when they see it. It’s about now that the effects of the gas kick in for everyone who came into contact with it.


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