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Ork Underground

This is a holdover from the fire of 1889. The street level in Seattle was raised by two storeys and so, a huge labyrinth of abandoned rooms, cellar and alleys was created and forgotten. It became a tourist attraction towards the end of the 20th century and a home to metahumans after the Awakening. After the Night of Rage, an anti-metahuman pogrom in 2039, it became the Ork Underground when orks and other metahumans fled from the violence. By now, it’s a city under the city.

The Ork Underground is policed and protected by the Skraacha (“Scorchers” in Or’zet), a gang open to orks and trolls who aim to protect metahumans and will gladly fight anyone with anti-metahuman opinions. With fatigues in brown and grey and berets, they assume a military look that may or may not intentionally remind people of the Black Panthers.

People you may meet in the Ork Underground:

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