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23rd April 2073

drone footage, taken from a news drone

The camera zooms in on a boat that lists heavily, people are jumping into a life raft. One of them, in a prison jumpsuit, goes overboard. The chaos is perfect when mechanical tentacles break the surface and grab onto various people, pulling the person who went overboard under despite their inflated jumpsuit. A guard is grabbed and pulled under as well, the second prisoner jumps after him and pulls him back to the surface.

The boat finally sinks and the guards and one of their prisoners are taken aboard by another craft.

cut to footage from a helicopter

A car with two passengers is speeding down a street, closely followed by several Knight Errant cruisers. The car drives through an underpass and on both sides, enormous hedges suddenly appear, hiding the car from view. The cruisers stop just in time, one of them crashes into the barrier. After a short time, the hedges disappear as quickly as they appeared and the car speeds out onto the street again, followed by the squad cars. It is stopped by road traps soon after, but appears to be empty.

cut to a public broadcast

…please call this toll-free number if you have any information about the suspects. The men are to be considered armed and dangerous, please do not approach. If you see them, call 911 and keep your distance.

the broadcast shows a slightly blurry photo of Sam and Stanley getting into a car and a mugshot of Sam


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