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Party Animal

Slicer's Log

19th December 2071

We decided that our best course of action was to visit one of Fuller’s parties – he invites everyone anyway, so no problem getting in – and try and get a look at his mother’s testament to see under what conditions he loses his trust fund.

Since he won’t allow minors into his house, Nebraska went and got herself styled to look older. At least that was the plan. What happened was that she got herself picked up by fucking social services. We live in this fucking dystopia of an uncaring world and Nebraska gets herself taken in by Child Protection Services while getting a perm. I don’t know what happened, maybe she told the hairdresser about all the fucked up stuff her family does or whatever.

Anyway. It’s not like she can’t just walk out of the children’s home they put her in, so we won’t come and get her and fuck up the run. We got Líng to come along, she’s a good lockpick and burglar. I stayed outside to create a diversion if needed, the others went inside and we kept connected via camera feed.

I had to stop Zach from asking Fuller about the accident because that would have been asking for trouble. Other than that, and after Sam had convinced the security guard that a quick smoke break was in order, they basically just walked into the private part of the house. After finding stuff like a room full of waterbeds and a gigantic salt water aquarium with a sunfish, they finally opened the right door. The safe was old school and not much of a problem for Líng. There was a spirit guarding it, but Zach found the password with a combination of hacking, speedreading and a lucky guess.

They took a photo of the testament, did not steal the 500k of credsticks or the other stuff in the safe and got out of there nice and quiet. After that, we stayed and enjoyed the party. I got into a brawl with the the part-time bikers who tried a bit too hard to look like real gangers and were pissing off all the drivers. So that was fun. Also, I called Frettchen and she came over. I am not really sure, after a certain point, what happened, but I do know that we drove one of Fuller’s cars into the pool, that we ducttaped a couple of security guards to the ceiling and that we invited Sam to come and try out the waterbeds with us.

I’m still not sure how I feel about the spirits he conjures up, if they really are Loas or something else. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but the vodou I grew up with doesn’t involve mages. What happens happens because the Loas decide it, not because they’re conjured up. I know that others, and Sam is definitely one of them, have integrated magic in the new sense of the word into the ceremonies. I have no problems with that, but it’s not my way. But whether Sam was really mounted by Adjasou or not, we all got some serious workout that night. I realized about halfway through that I hadn’t switched off the feed from my cybereyes to Zach, but at that point I was way too busy with … other things to care. If he decides to sell this, I want a cut from the profits.


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