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Five kilometers north of the Nest, about seven minutes by car, is the bridge over to Snohomish, the Skykomish River Bridge. A couple of Knight Errant policemen and in times of trouble also Metroplex guards watch the bridge from an Ares Citymaster and and a container watchpost that has been set up there to hold off the scum from the Barrens. Most of the time the young policemen just hang around, smoke and talk, because they are told just to watch for heavy arms or hold off a bigger mob should a food riot form and march from the Barrens to Monroe.

Because the Rat's Nest people act as an inofficial buffer zone and police themselves, the cops maintain a relaxed relationship with the Scrappers.

But occasional searches of passing vehicles or people may happen if they act suspiciously. SIN checks usually do not happen, because hardly anyone that passes through here has a SIN anyway. Some years ago Monroe still was a nice little village but since the second Crash many house owners lost their property to now bankrupt banks and started to squat in their disowned homes.

Because the area has been on the way down for years, no buyers will claim interest any time soon in the houses and land, this village is just so far away from everything interesting.

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